Someone invented sneakers that get planted and grow into trees when they’re worn out

Tired of funding the pollution of the world with every pair of shoes you buy? A Canadian designer has made a pair of biodegradable shoes you can bury after they wear out. The kicker? They have an apple seed inside of them and you can plant them in the ground after you’re done with them.

It’s a novel idea and one that saw quite a bit of success in its Kickstarter. They’re the first biodegradable shoes in the world, too. While it has some interesting perks, it just looks like a normal pair of canvas shoes on the outside.

Biodegradable shoes let you look stylish while helping the planet

Image source: Johnny Footwear

The plastic pollution problem has continued to grow, but these new shoes could give you another way to fight back. The shoes are named after Johnny Appleseed,…

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