Multiomic comparison shows a reduction in circulating monocytes correlated with persistent post-COVID-19 pulmonary fibrosis

In a recent study posted to the medRxiv* server, researchers identified distinguishing immune features of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in patients with late-resolving pulmonary fibrosis (LR COVID-PF) and early-resolving (ER COVID-PF).

Study: Reduction in circulating monocytes correlates with persistent post-COVID pulmonary fibrosis in multi-omic comparison of long-haul COVID and IPF. Image Credit: CKA/Shutterstock

The researchers demonstrated that monocyte depletion is a distinguishing characteristic of severe COVID-19. Relative monocyte abundance, thus, could serve as an effective prognostic indicator for determining whether LR COVID-PF patients will have persistent pulmonary complications early in their disease course.


Nearly 30% of COVID-19…

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