How the world’s whitest paint can tackle climate crisis

A new formulation of the world’s whitest paint is thinner and lighter enough to be used on cars and airplanes for radiating heat away, according to a new study.

The world’s whitest paint, seen in this year’s edition of Guinness World Records as well as the The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, can keep surfaces cool and reduce the need for air conditioning, said scientists, including those from Purdue University in the US.

Its original version used ultrasmall barium sulfate nanoparticles to reflect over 98 per cent of sunlight, cooling outdoor surfaces more than 4.5C below ambient temperature.

However, scientists found that to achieve this level of cooling, a thick layer of at least 0.4mm paint needed to be applied.

“That’s fine if you’re painting a robust stationary structure,…

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