What Happened to General Motors’ Ultra-Rare 1939 Futurliners?

Have you heard of the General Motors (GM) Futurliners? They were a dozen of custom vehicles built back in the 1930s by GM and the few that are left today are worth at least a million dollars.

What were they built for?

GM’s Parade of Progress is described as a North American traveling exhibition promoting future cars and technologies. Each display, therefore each Futurliner, had its own theme and name. There were the Miracles of Heat and Cold, Our American Crossroads, Power for the Air Age, Diesel Power Parade, World of Science, Energy & Man, Out of the City Muddle, Around the Farm House Clock, Reception Center, Opportunity for Youth, March of Tools, and Precision and Durability.

Source: Bransonevans/Wikimedia

GM sponsored the parade of these vehicles from 1940 to 1941 and again…

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