NASA’s Super Guppy Is Transporting Rocket Parts for the 2025 Moon Landings

NASA’s Super Guppy is one of the space agency’s unsung heroes.

The oversized cargo aircraft moved parts of NASA’s enormous Saturn V rocket in preparation for the moon landings of the 1960’s and 70s, and, as recently as this month, it has carried components for the Artemis moon missions, which are slated to launch in 2025, a blog post from NASA reveals.

A brief history of NASA’s Super Guppy

The Super Guppy was designed to transport parts that are too large to fit in more conventionally-shaped cargo aircraft. It was originally developed in 1962 by a company called Aero Spacelines, which converted a Boeing KC-97 Stratotanker to make the massive cargo plane, which was originally called the Pregnant Guppy.

Three years later, Aero Spacelines built a larger version, called the Super Guppy, with…

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