Winged ‘Sea Dragons’ Can Generate Electricity For 25,000 Homes

Swedish engineering firm Minesto, a spin-off of Saab, developed a series of tidal turbines, or “sea dragons”, that look like submerged aircraft, a report from the BBC reveals.

The company is running two of the winged machines in the waters of the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic, where they generate electricity from the ocean’s current.

The tidal turbines, or kites, are tethered to the seabed by 131-feet (40-meter) metal cables. This, as well as their 16-feet (five-meter) wingspan, allows each of them to glide through the water in a figure-of-eight pattern and generate enough electricity to power approximately four or five homes.

The principle is surprisingly similar to a flying wind turbine we reported on back in October, developed by Kitekraft. In a similar fashion to an aircraft,…

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