The World’s First 3D-Printed Prosthetic Eye Will Be Received by a British Patient

A hospital patient from Hackney, east London in the U.K. will be the first person to ever be fitted with a 3D-printed prosthetic eye, a press statement reveals.

The prosthetic eye was designed to look more realistic than traditional acrylic prosthetic eyes and the 3D printing process drastically reduces the waiting time for a new prosthetic from six weeks to between two and three weeks.

‘The new eye looks fantastic’

The patient, Steve Varze, will undergo the procedure on Thursday, Nov. 25, at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, run by the U.K.’s NHS public health service. Traditionally, a prosthetic patient will have to undergo a two-hour procedure to mold their eye socket before their prosthetic eye is fitted and then painted. With the new 3D printing method, the time for the procedure…

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