Floating in Space Might Seem Exciting, but It Has Serious Consequences

Although floating in space could be enjoyable, a TBone study reveals that it is taxing on earthly bodies.

According to a new study, six months in space is equivalent to decades of bone loss on Earth.

Have you ever wondered whether you have anything in common with an astronaut? It turns out that there are 206 of them – your bones. A study on bone loss in astronauts and the crucial issue of whether bone can be regained after returning to Earth focuses on these parts of our bodies.

Dr. Steven Boyd, Ph.D., director of the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health and professor at the Cumming School of Medicine, launched the TBone study in 2015. In order to determine if bone recovers after “long-duration” spaceflight, the researchers monitored 17 astronauts before and after spaceflight…

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News Source: https://scitechdaily.com/floating-in-space-might-seem-exciting-but-it-has-serious-consequences/