The emergence of high room temperature in-plane and out-of-plane magnetostriction in polycrystalline CoFe2O4 film

The Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction (GIXRD) profile of the CFO film over the specified angular range has been shown in Fig. 1a. The profile indicates that the deposited film is polycrystalline. The observed peaks are indexed with the help of a standard JCPDS file (JCPDS card. no. 22-1086), and it reveals the formation of a single-phase with a cubic spinel structure. The 2D topography of the film over the selected area through the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) study has been depicted in Fig. 1b. The root mean square (r.m.s) surface roughness value is found to be 0.86 nm over the scanned area. The low roughness value suggests that the surface of the film is quite smooth. The cross-sectional field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM) image of CFO/Si heterojunction taken at…

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