Can the Sun’s 11-Year Cycle Explain Global Warming?

An analysis of observational data and a large climate model finds Earth’s 11-year cycle is out of sync with solar fluctuations.

The Earth’s global climate system fluctuates in 11-year and 3,5-year cycles find Yizhak Feliks, Justin Small, and Michael Ghil. The study was published in Climate Dynamics on July 15th. The 11-year near-periodicity recalls that of the solar cycle, which climate-skeptics for decades have argued plays a major role in global warming. But the fluctuations between the Earth’s climate system and the sun are out of sync, the study finds. The work, which is part of the European TiPES project coordinated from the University of Copenhagen thus refutes the climate skeptics’ claim of major solar effects on recent climate evolution.

Cycles Out of Sync

The findings in brief, part…

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