Akston Begins Trials For Room Temperature Covid Shot As Next-Generation Vaccine Race Heats Up


Massachusetts-based Akston Biosciences launched mid-to-late stage clinical trials for its Covid-19 vaccine Saturday, the company told Forbes, one of several second-generation shots jostling for a share of the market as companies race to develop novel jabs and meet burgeoning demand for cheaper, more accessible shots. 

Key Facts

Akston said it had dosed the first participants in a study designed to test its Covid-19 vaccine, AKS-452, a protein-based shot that is stable at room temperature (25 degrees Centigrade or 77 Fahrenheit) for at least six months. 

The India-based study—a mid-to-late stage Phase 2/3 trial—will…

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News Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/roberthart/2021/11/20/akston-begins-trials-for-room-temperature-covid-shot-as-next-generation-vaccine-race-heats-up/