Woman Shook to the Core After Finding Apple AirTag Taped to Her Car

Last August, we brought you the story of a cybersecurity expert in Brooklyn, New York, who was able to recover his stolen bike, by tracking it down himself, all thanks to an Apple AirTag that he had hidden inside the bike. The story made for an interesting article and highlighted the many benefits of AirTags.

For the uninitiated, Apple’s AirTags are tiny tracking devices with a speaker on them that can stick on things that are most likely to be misplaced. The user can then activate them using their Apple device and easily locate them finding their missing item along the way.

Although they have many beneficial applications, such as the one mentioned above, they can also be used for unwanted surveillance.  Jonesboro, Arkansas’ KAIT News reported the story of an unidentified woman…

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News Source: https://interestingengineering.com/woman-shook-after-discovering-apple-airtag-taped-to-her-car?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=article&utm_content=20112021