How your weekly shop could help prevent a mass extinction

All around the world, the way in which we produce, buy and eat food has never been more similar. You may think you have more choice than your parents or grandparents ever did, and on one level that is true. Whether you’re in London, Los Angeles or Lima, you can eat sushi, curry or McDonald’s; bite into an avocado, banana or mango; sip a Coke, a Budweiser or a branded bottle of water – and all in a single day.

What we’re being offered appears at first to be diverse, until you realise it is the same kind of ‘diversity’ that is spreading around the globe in identical fashion; what the world buys and eats is becoming more and more the same. And it’s not just the same brands – it’s the ingredients in those brands too.

Of the 6,000 plant species humans…

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