New Engine Design Could Muffle Roar of Fighter Jets – U.S. Navy To Test on F-18 Super Hornets

Lab tests show promise for reducing jet noise in commercial and military aviation.

Aerospace engineers at the University of Cincinnati and the Naval Research Laboratory have come up with a new nozzle design for F-18 fighter planes they hope will dampen the deafening roar of the engines without hindering performance.

Distinguished professor Ephraim Gutmark, an Ohio Eminent Scholar, and his students in UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Science designed and tested the new nozzles on 1/28th-scale jet engines in his aeroacoustics lab.

The interior of the nozzles features triangular fins like rows of shark teeth that significantly reduced jet engine noise in UC lab tests. The project is a collaboration between UC, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and Naval Air Station Patuxent…

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