Will This Jetpack Fly Itself?

Part of the problem is that the neural network technology that drives many AI systems can break down in ways that remain a mystery to researchers. “It’s unpredictable which problems artificial intelligence will be good at, because we don’t understand intelligence itself very well,” says computer scientist Dan Hendrycks at the University of California, Berkeley.

Here are seven examples of AI failures and what current weaknesses they reveal about artificial intelligence. Scientists discuss possible ways to deal with some of these problems; others currently defy explanation or may, philosophically speaking, lack any conclusive solution altogether.

1) Brittleness

A robot holding it head with gears and chips coming out.
Chris Philpot

Take a picture of a school bus. Flip it so it lays on its side, as it might be found in the case of an…

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News Source: spectrum.ieee.org

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