Magnetothermal nanoparticle technology alleviates parkinsonian-like symptoms in mice


Although TRPV1 is naturally expressed across the mammalian nervous system46, we designed a transgene to establish sustained and uniform levels of TRPV1 expression for magnetothermal membrane depolarization47. The preparation of pLenti-CaMKIIα-TRPV1-p2A-mCherry was performed by Boston Children’s Hospital viral core, which yielded 1011 transducing units/ml.

Magnetic nanoparticles

MNPs consist of an iron-oxide core coated with polyethylene glycol-poly(maleic anhydride‐alt‐1‐octadecene (PEG-PMAO) polymer to improve its biocompatibility and colloidal stability48. They exhibit specific loss power (heating efficiency per gram of iron) of about 600 W/g, in an AMF at a therapeutically relevant frequency ƒ = 160 kHz and field amplitude H0 = 30 kA/m,…

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