Superconducting Silicon-Photonic Chip Developed for Quantum Communication

A superconducting silicon chip is used as an untrusted relay server for secure quantum communication. By harnessing the unique low-dead-time feature of the waveguide integrated superconducting single-photon detectors (red wires with hairpin shape in the middle), optimal time-bin encoded Bell-state measurements (shown in blue and grey wave-like curves between four photons, indicated as red balls) are realized. These in turn enhance secure key rate of quantum communication. Credit: MaLab, Nanjing University

Researchers resolve a long-standing challenge in quantum optics: optimal Bell-state measurement of time-bin encoded qubits, to enhance the key rate of secure quantum communication.

Integrated quantum photonics (IQP) is a promising platform for realizing scalable and practical quantum…

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