Hand Sanitizer Recall Due To Contaminants With Cancer Concerns

You may want to wipe your hands clean of these hand sanitizer lots. According to a U.S. Food Drug Administration (FDA) announcement, ArtNaturals has issued a voluntary recall of ten lots of its Scent-Free Hand Sanitizer eight-ounce bottles.

This came after FDA testing had found potential cancer-causing impurities in one of the lots. All of these 10 lots have a Universal Product Code (UPC) of 816820028205 and an expiration date of May 1, 2022. Each was manufactured sometime from May 5 to May 9, 2020.

So what were these impurities? Well, back in March 24, Valisure, a company that tests…

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News Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2021/11/14/fda-hand-sanitizer-recall-due-to-contaminants-with-cancer-concerns/