It’s time to accept that we don’t need to return to the office

The most overused phrase of the last 18 months has to be ‘unprecedented times’. And yes, it was accurate, for a while. But after that while, the times had precedent.

Sure, we were still figuring out how to take ourselves off mute, and whether to wear one mask or two in the supermarket, and if shaking hands was okay when greeting someone we’d not seen in the flesh for several months. But we were, in a nutshell, going about our business as usual. It’s just that the usual was somehow different. We had arrived in the new normal.

We’re remarkably adaptable creatures, and to now try to return to a world as it was before COVID-19 is both disrespectful and impossible. Disrespectful because it’s not giving us enough credit for what we can do, and impossible…

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