How Does The Dodder Plant Steal Genes From Host Plants? » Science ABC

Every class of organism is troubled by parasites that are ready to infest when their guard goes down. Mosquitos buzz their way into sucking our blood and then disappear into thin air. Other animals have tiny bugs and lice crawling over their body, making them itch frantically.

Even the smallest part of a living organisms isn’t safe from the wrath of parasites. Intracellular parasites, like viruses, can infect the living cells of all plants and animals.

Likewise, the plant kingdom has a variety of parasites that feed off plants to survive. In the case of dodders, they not only derive nutrition and water from their host, but also some genetic material.

The question is, why does the dodder plant steal genes? And how is it even possible?

What is the dodder plant?

Dodder plants—belonging to…

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