‘Cannibal’ solar storms are heading towards the Earth, scientists say

Solar storms ‘cannibalising’ one another will happen over next four years as the Sun exhibits more extreme activity, scientists predict.

Over the past week a series of geomagnetic storms struck the Earth as the Sun starts its new solar cycle, which takes place every 11 years and will reach its peak in 2025.

A series of coronal mass ejections – which involve the emis­sion of electrically charged matter and accompany­ing magnetic field into space – hit the Earth over the last week, following a major solar flare on Halloween.

Occasionally, these ejections can happen so frequently that later ones travel faster than their predecessors and merge with the slower ones.

“That first CME essentially works its way through the 93 million miles and almost clearing a path out for other CMEs to…

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News Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/space/cannibal-solar-storm-earth-internet-cme-b1955080.html