Frizzleds are dynamic, molecular machines

Fig. 1. MD of FZD6 and receptor model with amber codon placement.(A) Superimposition of the FZD6 model (blue) and inactive SMO (gray; PDB ID: 5L7D). Disulfide bridges are shown as sticks. The dotted rectangles mark the extended linker region, which differs between these two structures. (B) A closer view to the FZD6 model. Amino acid residues selected for the point mutations are marked as sticks. Color code is as follows: red, oxygen; dark blue, nitrogen; light blue, carbon; yellow, sulfur. (C) The CRD movements in the MD simulation. The receptor cores are shown as cartoon and CRDs as solid surfaces. Colored arrows mark the locations of the N termini of each conformation cluster. Cumulative percentage of the time of…

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